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Another five must-see places in East Iceland

I am back to tell you about the must-see nature sites of East Iceland. As before I attach a disclaimer to this article. Austurland has beautiful nature, so I am drawing from a large pool which means some places well worth noting will be left out. But don't worry, I'll...

Five must-see places in East Iceland

We all have our reasons for traveling. We all have our ideas about what it is that we want to experience and how it is going to enrich our lives. But a big part of why people chose to visit our little Island is the nature of Iceland. And you have undoubtedly heard...

Fun to know

Lost in an Icelandic forest?

An old Icelandic joke goes, what do you do if you get lost in an Icelandic forest? Well, you simply stand up. Having said that, the largest forest in Iceland is Hallormsstaðaskógur just outside Egilsstaðir. And it’s not enough to stand up if you get lost.

Myths and legends

Iceland is a country of myths and legends and we love to tell stories. The only difference between the stories in East Iceland and the rest of the country is that ours are all true.

Iceland’s highest mountain

Iceland’s highest freestanding mountain is Mt. Snæfell. This king of Icelandic mountains stands 1833 meters tall or just over six thousand feet. It is actually a volcano and it is debated whether or not it should be classified as an active volcano.

Second highest waterfall

East Icelands arguably biggest attraction is the country’s second highest waterfall, Hengifoss. It is so fabulous that it even has its own website.

Sun pancakes

Many of the fjords in East Iceland are surrounded by tall mountains that block the low winter sun from reaching them for weeks and months in the winter. In East Iceland it became tradition to celebrate the return of the sun with pancakes. The tradition of sun pancakes is still honored in many households in East Iceland.

Only in the East

There are a few things you only find in East Iceland and not the rest of the country. The flower bluebell is only native to East Iceland and so are the reindeer that we are so very proud of.

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I can’t say enough wonderful things about our dinner with the locals, Svanhvit and Agnar. We got to enjoy dining in their cozy home and asking all kinds of questions about Icelandic daily life, stuff you can’t learn from guide books. They also got to learn about us. The food was delicious, especially the plokkfiskur (hearty fish gratin) and the most divine layered dessert made with cookies, Skyr, whipped cream and jam! I strongly recommend Meet the Locals as a fun way to meet and spend time with some Icelanders.

Kristine Stevens Beeco | Savannah, USA

Svanhvít and Agnar prepared for us traditional Icelandic dishes – plokkfiskur (fish stew) and the desert skyrkaka (Skyrcake), both of them were extremely delicious! Good food was complemented with interesting stories from Icelandic family’s life.We liked this dinner very much, because we felt the spirit of Icelandic family and heard about their jobs, daily life, traditions and habits.

ErccLietuva | Klaipeda, Lithuania

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