Hello and welcome to our blog. I suspect that the first question you have is “what is Austurland?” The short answer is, it is Icelandic for East Iceland. But to us, it is much more.


Photo by Rhombie Sandoval

Austurland is our home, our identity, and our heritage. And we are both proud of our home and we also introduce it with pride to our guests.
We are not the most densely populated area of Iceland. Only about 10.300 people are living in an area that stretches from the municipalities of Djúpivogur in the south to Vopnafjörður in the north.
But what sets us apart from other regions in Iceland? For me, it is the intangle things like the peace and tranquility you’ll find when venturing beyond the beaten path.

We have vast highlands, deep fjords surrounded by tall, imposing mountains and lush valleys and lowlands.
In this blog, we are going to tell as much as we can about East Iceland so that you can best enjoy your time here.

Nature of East Iceland


Photo by Rhombie Sandoval

A big part reason why people visit our little Island is to get in touch with nature. Under five must-see places in East Iceland (and another five must-see places), you will find information about nature sites like the hikers paradise Stórurð, Iceland’s second highest waterfall Hengifoss or where is the best place to view Puffins in Austurland.



Unique things about East Iceland


Photo by Daniel Byström

We’ll also tell you about things that set us apart from the rest of the country and what buildings and places stand out here in the region. And as lovers of food, we also share with you some of our favorite places to enjoy local food.

We hope you find our little blog helpful and stay tuned. We still have many stories untold.

Safe and happy travels,