About us

Long story short

Who are Meet the Locals? We are a group of people working in tourism in East Iceland. We offer beds to be sleep in, food, drink and fun to be had. But what really binds us is our love for East Iceland, or as we call it, Austurland. We are proud of our home and we want you to feel welcomed here. We want you to experience the Austurland that we know and love. It is our wish that you leave our little community, not as a stranger, but as a friend.

Meet the Locals is owned and operated by Tanni Travel. Tanni Travel is a Tour Operator in East Iceland. We are a family firm and we emphasize personal service and attention to detail. The company is owned by father and daughter, Sveinn and Díana Mjöll.

Our team

Díana Mjöll Sveinsdóttir

You could say that Iam raised in a bus, because I usually did not let my father (a driver and guide at Tanni travel) out of my sight when I was a kid. I have had the privilege of travelling all over Iceland, the highlands as well as along the coast to many of the beautiful fjords of Iceland. I was always dedicated to work in tourism. I went to Germany as an exchange student and to France as an Au-pair to learn the languages. When I finished college I studied international tourism and marketing. My husband and my mum also work at Tanni, so as you can see this is a family business.

Ásgeir Birgisson
sales and marketing director

I‘m a native of East Iceland and have lived here for most of my life. I grew up on a small farm just outside Egilsstaðir. I’ve lived elsewhere and traveled far and wide but I always find my way back home. I think I was always destined to live here. I’m simply to attached to the area to live anywhere else. Apart from my family I have two passions in life, nature and travel. When an opportunity presented itself to work in tourism in East Iceland I simply had to take it. I consider it a privilege to introduce guests to the wonders of East Iceland.