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The cove of Vöðlavík is one of those hidden gems in East Iceland that far too few visit. The cove was last inhabited in 1968 but now serves as a retreat for those looking to escape the noise of the world. It is a place adored by locals for its tranquility and natural beauty.

Many of the descendants of the families that used to live in Vöðlavík have renovated the old houses there and they now serve as summer retreats. The cove is also quite popular amongst hikers looking to get some peace of mind and get in touch with nature and themselves.  A road was built to the cove in 1940 and although not easy to travel, still serves its purpose as the main gateway to Vöðlavík. Coming down the hillside into Vöðlavík a pristine river runs alongside the road and forms many beautiful waterfalls. 

Back in January 1994 the cove became a part of Icelandic history when the frightful winter storms claimed the rescue boat Goði and one of its crew member. The rescue operation was one of hardest preformed in recent memory and had a formative effect on how rescue operations involving helicopters where approached in Iceland. The bridge of the ship still sits on the beach as a grim reminder of how relentless the elements can be on our small Island.

Reasons to go
Waterfalls, history, nature, tranquility and good hiking trails. 

When to go
The road to Vöðlavík is usually impassable until early to mid-June and until autumn. It is also quite rough and should only be traveled by experienced drivers in super jeeps.





From early or mid-June and until autumn.

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