Off the beaten path – hiking & biking

Off the beaten path – hiking & biking

3d/2n – hiking – biking

This is a tour for those looking to decouple themselves from the noise of modern time and connect with nature and themselves. In this multiday tour we bike and hike our way through abandoned coves and deserted fjords in East Iceland. It is a great opportunity to head off the beaten path and explore the side of Iceland few tourist get to experience.


Day 1

We bike from Eskifjörður to the farmsteads at Karlsskáli. There we leave the bikes behind and hike around the mountain to the deserted cove of Vöðlavík. On the way we will see the debris of a German World War 2 plane that crashed in 1941. Also we will get a view of a massive landslide that happened in 2014. Once we are in Vöðlavík the bikes will be waiting for us and we will bike to the hut at Karlsstaðir, where we will have dinner and spend the night.


Day 2

After breakfast we bike up the mountainside from Vöðlavík cove and over fjord of Viðfjörður. Viðfjörður, although now deserted, used to be the center of transportation in East Iceland. We’ll bike to Barðsneshorn where you get to stand on the end of the world. From there we’ll take an easy hike down to Mónes where ancient fossils lie. When we come back to the farmsteads of Barðsnes, a boat will await us to take us over the bay to the town Neskaupsstaður. There we will spend the night at Skorrahestar.


Day 3

After breakfast we head up to the mountain pass of Oddskarð. We bike up to 700 meters above sea level. There we park the bikes and hike up the mountain Svartafjall that is over 1.000 meters above sea level. From there the view is amazing. Those who so choose can then bike downhill to Eskifjörður.


ISK 204,500



29. June- 1. July
26.-28. August
9.-11. September

3 days and 2 nights

Trip difficulty
3-4 out of 5
Minimum in tour
2 people

All transports during the trip and assistance vehicle to carry the luggage, guide, 1 x sleeping bag accommodation in bunk beds in a mountain hut, 1 x made up beds in a DBL room with private facilities in a Farm Holiday accommodation, all meals and snacks from when we depart from Eskifjörður on day one, until we return Eskifjörður on day three.

Not included

Bike, helmet, sleeping bag, trip insurance, your related equipment needed to ride, personal items like drinks, snacks and energy supplements.

Add on

Bike: ISK 30,000
SGL use of a DBL room: ISK 12,500

What to bring

Warm, wind and waterproof clothing, good hiking shoes, shoes for biking, sleeping bag and small backpack.


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