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There are a lot of beautiful fjords in East Iceland but Mjóifjörður (which would translate to English as Narrow fjord) has a little village not quite like any other in the region.

There was a time that over 400 people called Mjóifjörður their home. Now, though, only roughly 30 people live their all year round. But it isn’t just how tiny the little village in Mjóifjörður is that makes it special. It is the endurance of its inhabitants of the isolation they experience over the months of winter. When the snow sets in the fall the inhabitants are isolated for the months of winter. The road is only cleared in the spring when it is considered certain that there is no probability of it snowing for the summer. For those long months of winter the only way in and out of Mjóifjörður is by a ferry that takes passengers over to the neighboring fjord of Norðfjörður. But in spring the whole fjord becomes filled with live. It is a place known for its beautiful nature, birdlife and not to forget the many beautiful little waterfalls. Chief among them is the tier of waterfalls known as Klifbrekkufossar. Beyond the village you will find the peninsula of Dalatangi. On the edge of Dalatangi by the barren sea sits a lighthouse and a little farm. The lighthouse is manned all year round and is in fact the most eastern part of Iceland that is inhabited.

Reasons to go
Waterfalls, birdlife, nature and picturesque landscape.

When to go
The road to Mjóifjörður is a gravel road but for the most part doesn’t pose a challenge. It is open from spring when the road is opened into fall when it begins to snow again.




From mid-summer well into the fall

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