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Loðmundarfjörður is a deserted fjord situated between Seyðisfjörður and Borgarfjörður (which are for the record not abandoned). The fjord is wide and open to the elements surrounded with tall mountains and considered by many to be both beautiful and serene.

There was a time when Loðmundarfjörður was home to a thriving agricultural community and in fact considered excellent grounds for farming. But the isolation of the fjord made it an easy victim to the changing times. From the years 1940 to 1965 most of the inhabitants in Loðmundarfjörður moved away and in 1973 the fjord became deserted. Where there was once a lively settlement nothing remains but a few deserted farmsteads and the old church at Klyppstaður. But like with many places that lie beyond the beaten path the fjord remains close to the heart of local people in East Iceland. In later years the fjord has also become popular amongst hikers and there are several huts in the area where they can rest their weary bones. It has also become a tradition that once a summer mass is held at the church at Klyppstaður. But for the most part the it belongs to the wildlife and the sheep that roam it through summer.

Reasons to go
Nature, history, off the beaten path, the old church at Klyppstaður.

When to go
Keep in mind that the road to Loðmundafjörður is rough and should only be traveled by experienced drivers in super jeeps. It is generally open from mid-summer well into the fall.




From mid-summer well into the fall

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